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Bio: Dan Barnett

Born: Chicago Ill. 1951
Personal: wife - Miriam
children - Miya and Bri


B.A.       The Evergreen State College - Olympia WA. - 1976
M.F. A.   University of Wisconsin – Madison WI. - 1984


1977 -1981:  
Lived in Seattle with Miriam. Worked at Pottery Northwest, a non profit educational facility, devoted to the ceramic arts. “The Pottery”, provided an exciting environment with artists of all skill levels working 24-7 while also offering classes and workshops. During this time, developed skills, and began selling work at Pike Street Market, crafts fairs and local shops.


Miriam and Dan got married.


Graduate work at The University of Wisconsin in Madison.  Studied with ceramic artists Don Reitz, Bruce Breckenridge, and sculptor George Cramer. With a group of fellow grad students, delved deeper into mud and fire. Miya entered our lives.


Lived in Bellingham WA. Built and maintained a studio. Bri joined the gang.


Live with Miriam and maintain a studio in Gig Harbor, WA.


1984- present:  
Primarily working as a fulltime potter; sell work through craft fairs, regional and national shops and galleries, as well as individual commissions. Taught pottery in “Artist in the Schools” workshops, private lessons, and through university classes.

Taught summer session: “Intro to Ceramics” at University of Puget Sound – Tacoma, WA.

vase with Raven
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